About Us

We are a full service paint, home, and marine hardware store.  You can visit us by land or sea.

Coming by land, you can find us at MM 24.7 on the Alantic Ocean side of  scenic US-1 in the beautiful Florida Keys.  If you chose to visit us by  water, turn due North at the 50A marker on Hawk Channel, follow the  markers to "17", then turn to 60deg and enter the Summerland Cove canal  system.  We have 120' of customer dockage, 60' wide canal, and a 4'  control depth, allowing all but the largest boats water access. 

We invite you to sign our guest book page and share stories of your experiences in our store.

The Cleven and Price families purchased Summerland Hardware April 1st, 1998, and have owned and operated it since.